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Julie Salzman

Working with me is like walking alongside a counselor

Life, work, and community are intertwined in my experience as a career counselor. I am open to those who may be finding it difficult to show up, or who are considering a change in various areas of life.

While there is much unease in the world outside, maybe talking it out with a supportive audience can be a way to feel more ease within. Together we can explore, reflect, learn and then re-write the story. One way to open ourselves to this process is to step outside of our usual routine and spend time in nature. Being outdoors (ask me about virtual options) we can let our nature guides lead us to fact finding, naming feelings, exploring external limits and internal doubts as we search for what’s next. 


I believe that it’s important to honor the truth that life can be hard. And that we may find hope in the moment while walking alongside a supportive team.

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Life/Career Exploration

Dreams and Realities

Where do you hope to go? Where do you get stuck? Changing jobs? Back to school? Choosing a major?

Talking out these questions may lead us to a path where we are exploring options, creating action steps, and getting closer to what may be next. 

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Care for yourself too

You are helpful, dependable, and find value in being of service. And it feels like there is never enough time to attend to your own self. Let’s walk through the day and practice imagining a way to feel better while on this path.

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Healing Hikes

(Re)connect with Nature

As we navigate the difficult task of engaging with the world, I reach to the natural elements. I find that my soul is balanced by and in nature, whether it be in my imagination or in person on a tree-lined trail. My hope is to share this amazing medicine/approach with you via my newest option, a natural combination of counseling and nature, as taught to me by my mentor Raynelle Rino.

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My Evolving Story

From a young age, I was called upon to care for others. Along the way, I made mistakes, caused pain to myself and other. Eventually, I gained helpful skills for caretaking myself and others. First, practicing has become a way of life. Some skills that I am practicing: remembering that messy  boundaries are still helpful; being open to new points of view keeps me humble; the role of witness is important; advocacy and allyship are also important; daydream and be real; be of service and honor myself. 


In addition to my lived personal experiences, my professional resume includes: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Master’s Degree in Counseling from San Francisco State University, Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Kinesiology from Chico State University. More recently, I attended Radical by Nature Change Agents Leadership Program (with Raynelle Rino) which enhanced my language and understanding of healing practices in line with Nature, holding space for trauma, justice and community.

Join me as we continue to explore how to hold space in each moment for opposing forces of, and in, Nature.

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Believe those who are seeking truth;

doubt those who find it

André Gide

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